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Mindless Fluff

A study of internet phenomenon, through practice and mocking

18 February 1983
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  • ooknabah@livejournal.com
I go to the University of Winnipeg and only registered for this damn name to post a comment in somone else's live journal about how I found them by accident. So yeah.

I have a blog, which I like better then livejournals. Nothing personal, it's just everbody and thier dog has a livejournal and I really don't like the way it archives. So yeah. It's over at yousiscrappy.blogspot.com

I also have a webpage, which there should be a link to. There's nothing on it, so that's kind of pissing me off. I should probably do somthing about that, you know, instead of punching wall at random intervals because there's nothing on my webpage. I break more hands that way.

I also like various geeky, artsy and other stuff which leads me to no end of evil with my crazy hip-and-with-it sister with whom I have fights and say the majority of my quota of truly hurtful things to. I have a dog now, and I have forbidden him to get a livejournal. He probably will behind my back, but for now he remains in the minority.

I should probably stop before this mini-biography becomes an absurdly long biography.

I like to write long passages about myself that reveal little to nothing about myself, own over 300 individual game cartridges for various video game systems, have been known to tell people not to touch my bum in japanese and like doing martial arts that involve inversion because that's just not often enough a part of normal life.

I also like cheese as a midnight snack.